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Bush Ads, An Occassional Series

I used to be a television producer, though I never wrote scripts for commercials. But I think it’d be fun to try. So for the next few months I’ll occassionally drop a hypothetical script in the Corner which the Republicans are free to use. Maybe, I’ll even try a couple for Kerry too. I invite my fellow Cornerites to do the same. Here’s my first try:

Scene: In the caves of Tora Bora, Osama Bin Laden, Mullah Omar and their aides are watching TV. The cave is illuminated by the light from the screen.

Cut to clip from Wisconsin Democratic debate:

Questioner: Senator Kerry, President Bush … described himself as a war president. He said he’s got war on his mind as he considers these policies and decisions he has to make. If you were elected, would you see yourself as a war president?

KERRY: I’d see myself first of all as a jobs president, as a health care president, as an education president and also an environmental president. ….So I would see myself as a very different kind of global leader than George Bush.

Cut to Omar and Bin Laden high-fiving each other and wearing John Kerry for President T-shirts.

Fade to black.

Graphic: Re-Elect George W. Bush. The leadership America needs now.


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