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Bush Amnesty – a Sense of Proportion

I am hearing from some people — including some quite sensible people, like’s Randall Parker, though he hasn’t blogged on it yet — that

the Bush plan on immigration is the last straw, and they will not be voting

for GWB in November. Well, I think that’s disproportionate. A lot of what

this administration’s done has made me angry — heck, I have only just got

over steaming about the Medicare boondoggle, which will beggar my children

so Bush can take Florida in ‘04 (prior to which, I had just got over

steaming about the preposterous “No Child Left Behind Act,” which seems to

mandate that all schoolchildren must be above average). But there’s a war

on, and I want a government willing to fight it. This is that government.

AND we got a tax cut, with the consequent boost to the economy. AND our

Secretary of State, for all his faults, no longer spends hours at a time

waiting in reception rooms for an audience with people like Arafat, Assad,

Kim Jong Il, and Gaddafi. AND we got a partial-birth abortion ban… Bush

for me — but we’ve got to make him trash this ludicrous plan.