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Bush to Conservatives: Drop Dead

Heather MacDonald on the preposterous “discrimination” lawsuit by the U.S. Justice Department (proprietor:  A. Gonzales) against the FDNY:

What is the Bush Administration thinking? The FDNY suit is clearly the product of career attorneys within the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the DOJ, whose life mission consists in going after phantom racism. But any such suit must surely be cleared with higher-ranked political appointees; indeed, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says that he defended the department to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, according to the New York Daily News. Republican susceptibility to race-mongering is well-documented, but after 9/11, one might have thought that emergency responders would get a pass on racial pandering from an administration that claims preeminence in homeland security.

That these loony-tunes “discrimination” lawsuits are still being launched on your dollar and mine, is a stinking disgrace.  That it is happening with the plain approval of a president who once sold himself as conservative, is ironclad proof that Bruce Bartlett has been right all along.