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President George W. Bush

Excerpts from Remarks to the 2004 Republican National Convention

Tonight, President Bush will talk about where he wants to lead this country for the next four years and lay out a specific agenda to get there.

“I am running for President with a clear and positive plan to build a safer world, and a more hopeful America. I am running with a compassionate conservative philosophy: that government should help people improve their lives, not try to run their lives. I believe this Nation wants steady, consistent, principled leadership – and that is why, with your help, we will win this election.”

To build a more hopeful America, the President will talk about the changing world we live in and the need for government to change with it so it is on the side of children, families and workers today.

“The times in which we live and work are changing dramatically. The workers of our parents’ generation typically had one job, one skill, one career – often with one company that provided health care and a pension. And most of those workers were men. Today, workers change jobs, even careers, many times during their lives, and in one of the most dramatic shifts our society has seen, two-thirds of all Moms also work outside the home.

“This changed world can be a time of great opportunity for all Americans to earn a better living, support your family, and have a rewarding career. And government must take your side. Many of our most fundamental systems – the tax code, health coverage, pension plans, worker training – were created for the world of yesterday, not tomorrow. We will transform these systems so that all citizens are equipped, prepared – and thus truly free – to make your own choices and pursue your own dreams.”


“In all these proposals, we seek to provide not just a government program, but a path – a path to greater opportunity, more freedom, and more control over your own life.”

To build a safer world, he’ll talk about his strategy of staying on the offensive against terrorists and the progress we are making in winning the War on Terror in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. He’ll also talk about the power of liberty to transform countries and lives and bring a future of hope and peace. And that is his goal…to build a future where the world is safer and more at peace.

“So we have fought the terrorists across the earth – not for pride, not for power, but because the lives of our citizens are at stake. Our strategy is clear. We have tripled funding for homeland security and trained half a million first responders, because we are determined to protect our homeland. We are transforming our military and reforming and strengthening our intelligence services. We are staying on the offensive – striking terrorists abroad – so we do not have to face them here at home. And we are working to advance liberty in the broader Middle East, because freedom will bring a future of hope, and the peace we all want. And we will prevail.”


“This moment in the life of our country will be remembered. Generations will know if we kept our faith and kept our word. Generations will know if we seized this moment and used it to build a future of safety and peace. The freedom of many, and the future security of our Nation, now depend on us.”

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