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Bush Ratchets Up

AP reports that President Bush attacked the Democratic contenders yesterday. No, he did not use the words “feckless crapweasels.” But he did note that any attempt to repeal the tax cuts is, by logical definition, a tax hike:

“Let me tell you what’s going to happen when they raise them,” Bush said. “They’re going to say, ‘Oh, we got to raise it so we can pay down the deficit. Uh-uh. They’re going to raise the taxes and increase the size of the federal government, which would be bad for the United States economy.”

I often think this when I hear John Kerry speak about how he’s going to repeal the Bush tax cuts and “invest in health care” and other federal programs. Where’s the reporters saying, “um, but, sir, doesn’t that still leave the atrocious deficit undisturbed?”

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