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Bush Is Running For President

One of the most common complaints from liberal readers of my syndicated column yesterday is that blaming Bill Clinton is pointless since “George Bush is the president now.” Bush is running for president and so his actions are more relevant etc. Many also go one to whine about my “obsession” with Clinton etc.

Fine, fine, fine.

There’s just one problem. The 9/11 Commission is not supposed to care that this is an election year! And, to the extent the press is supposed to be covering the substance of the commission’s work, it shouldn’t care that this is an election year either.

If we are asking the question, “How did 9/11 happen?” then Bill Clinton’s blame-worthiness is not an academic or petty issue. For eight years he set the foundation for what happened on 9/11. By all means, let’s also look at George Bush’s 8 months. He was the guy at the wheel after all. But if the Commission is true to its mission then Bill Clinton’s culpability is entirely pertinent.


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