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Bush Underpolling in Ct

This is from a reader in Connecticut, a state hit hard by 9/11. I wonder if he’s describing one of the reasons why New Jersey has seemed harder to nail down for Kerry than most expected. I expect Kerry to win both states nonetheless. Anyway from the reader:

Interesting post by you today in the Corner about Bush underpolling. I have the suspicion that you’re right, if only because of flimsy anecdotal evidence mixed with wishful thinking. Up here in Connecticut, I know a number of rather liberal people who voted for Gore last time, and who say they’ve never voted Republican before, but are supporting Bush, though they don’t like to talk about it. Even my liberal, liberal wife, who is a member of a teacher’s union and takes the New York Times as gospel, admitted she will be “quietly relieved” if Bush defeats Kerry. Note that I don’t think for a minute that Bush will win Connecticut. But if just a small slice of registered Democrats here feel this way, well, then . . . what does that do for Bush in battleground states?