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Bush’S National Guard Service

An excellent point on GWB’s National Guard service, and his past in general,

was made by Mark Steyn in last Sunday’s Daily Telegraph: “[W]hatever Bush

did or didn’t do back in those days is consistent with who he is. As

horrified European commentators are fond of pointing out, Mr Bush is a

’born-again’ Christian. We don’t need to see grainy home movies of a soused

goofball in a Mexican bar face down in the beer nuts to know more or less

the kind of guy he was 30 years ago. But he changed; he was born again. If

you found some video of Bush rat-arsed (as the British say) in 1974, how

relevant is that to the abstemious tucked-in-by-nine family man of 2004? In

that sense, even if everything the accusers said was true — that he was an

absentee Guardsman — it’s not inconsistent with the official Bush


Full piece here.


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