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“Like Bush’s Presidency, over time ObamaCondoms will become less effective and prone to failure. “

Maybe the NYC health department will hand these out:

New York, NY, June 9, 2008 Practice Safe Policy, the nations first brand devoted to showcasing the indecent relations between politics and sex, has launched its collection of intimate yet topical novelty products with OBAMA CONDOMS and MCCAIN CONDOMS.

Now that the people have voted, the lusty patriots at Practice Safe Policy decided that it was time for the people of this great nation to forget about minor concerns like the war, the economy or healthcare and instead focus on the truly important issue of the day: Practicing Safe Policy in the bedroom. OBAMA CONDOMS and MCCAIN CONDOMS were designed so Americans could take their favorite candidates out of the living room and into the bedroomwhere the real game of politics is played.


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