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Bush’s RNC Pick

Briefly on the selection of Sen. Mel Martinez to oversee the RNC before the topic becomes stale:

Notable, I think, about this choice is that it clearly was made by the leader of the party. Martinez, of course, was tapped to become the president’s HUD Secretary in 2001 and later recruited by the WH and others to get into the Senate race in 2004. He’s exactly the sort of Republican President Bush likes. Not only does he offer a new face for the party, but, as the president is often fond of saying, “he’s got a great story.” Martinez came to Flordia without his family as a teen because his parents feared for his life in Cuba. He then worked his way up to become a successful attorney and county official in the Orlando-area. In short, he’s lived the “American Dream.”

What’s more, the message sent by Martinez’s selection is that the WH wants the GOP to be seen as a big-tent party. But I’m not talking about the broader message they had in mind by picking a Hispanic, I mean the inside one, directed at the party’s immigration hard-liners. Remember, Martinez was a key player in engineering the Senate immigration bill earlier this year.

Don’t believe that the president, with all he has on his plate, would personally intervene in such a party decison? Check out the St. Pete Times.


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