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The Business of America Is Restaurants

Just took stroll round central downtown Denver looking for

grocery/supermarket/bodega to buy drink & snack, as I balk at hotel-room

mini-bar prices, even when, as in this case, someone else (my publisher) is

paying. No luck. What downtown Denver has lots of is restaurants,

restaurants and restaurants. Am therefore not surprised to learn the the

front-runner in tomorrow’s mayoral election, JohnHickenlooper, is a

restaurateur — his flagship place is just dow the street from my hotel.

Quote from Denver reader: “Hickenlooper is a quintessential outsider and is

definitely putting a scare inthe Pena-Webb-Zavares machine which has been in

control of Denver’s City and County government since 1982. Most Republicans

that I know will be voting for Hickenlooper who is a fiscal conservative and

social liberal.”


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