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A Busy Canadian Guy

A pal currently resident in The Friendly Giant to Our North alerts me to this, from the Ottawa Citizen:

The law that anyone born in Canada is automatically Canadian is an “outdated” relic from a time when immigrants arrived on a one-way boat ticket, and it leaves Canada’s modern welfare state open to exploitation by “birth tourists,” according to Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

“We don’t have reliable statistics on this because the provinces just don’t keep those numbers. It’s hard to quantify,” Mr. Kenney said. “But my view is that regardless of how often it happens, it undermines the value of Canadian citizenship.”

Mr. Kenney has been active in remaking the immigration system, taking action against people who obtained citizenship by fraud, introducing a new citizenship guide and test, restricting the ability of foreign-born Canadians to pass citizenship to their foreign-born children, and revising the rules for citizenship ceremonies to require all new Canadians to show their face.

The Citizenship and Immigration Minister sounds like a busy guy. How fortunate we are in the U.S.A. to have a system of legal immigration so immaculately perfect we never have to talk about it! — let alone have a cabinet-level post assigned to it.

(Rick Santorum did make a single brief remark about legal immigration in one of the debates, but his handlers soon got him back on his meds, and there has been not a word on the topic since, from Santorum or any other candidate.)


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