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Button It?

From a reader:

Dear Jonah:


Here’s one for The Corner.  I work as an assistant district attorney in NC.  At our regular morning meeting we somehow got off on the subject of men’s dress shirt collars.  My boss and a colleague, both proud conservative Republicans, had between them coined the term “commie collar” to refer to a buttondown collar.  I, the only male at the meeting wearing a buttondown collar and also a proud conservative Republican, resented this term and argued to the contrary; namely, that a buttondown collar is no “commie collar” but a sign of a true conservative.  After the meeting, I searched for and found (very easily, I might add) a picture of McCarthy wearing a white dress shirt with a buttondown collar and in my zeal to prove myself right I only realized after showing this picture around the office that it was a photo of Eugene and not Joseph McCarthy!  Having perhaps proved my opponents point, I immediately set about finding a photo of WFB in a white dress shirt with a buttondown collar, which I did (and very easily, I might add).  Can the man responsible for the rebirth of American conservatism have actually preferred dress shirts with “commie collars”?  I think not!  What think the readers and contributors of/to The Corner?  What say you?



Well, first I think you should spend more time putting bad guys in jail. Beyond that, I think this is just plain crazy. Everyone knows the issue isn’t button down collars versus non-button down collars. It’s between tie-wearers and turtleneck-wearers. Turtleneckers are the sans-culottes of the 21st century.


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