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Buzzfeed’s Apostasy

The other day in the community section of Buzzfeed, there appeared a pro-life “listicle” about Planned Parenthood, “8 Outrageous Things Planned Parenthood Was Caught Doing.” And that’s not fair!!!!! Buzzfeed is for young people and liberals and you can’t generate buzz by saying things that the official gatekeepers of youth and liberalism don’t like! That, at least, is the gist of this tantrum over at the Guardian. A big part of the author’s complaint is that young people and liberals won’t be smart enough to catch the disclaimer, which would mean that the Pontifical authority of Buzzfeed — Buzzfeed!!1!1!! — might be perceived as supporting criticism of Planned Parenthood. ’Tis enough to stew the bowels of even the hardiest of progressives! I particularly liked this bit:

What’s particularly frustrating is that BuzzFeed won’t even admit any wrongdoing or even acknowledging that their editorial integrity was compromised. When the Atlantic was criticised for its Scientology promo ad that looked a lot like an article, the publication took it down and apologised to outraged readers for both confusing them and for allowing the ad “to compromise the Atlantic’s editorial integrity”.


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