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C. Diff: No Joke

From a reader:


C Diff is definitely no joke. My six year old daughter contracted it this

summer after an appendectomy and spent a week in isolation. Imagine making a

run to the bathroom every 15-30 mins for a couple days! It recurred a few

weeks later when she had her tonsils removed. Truly horrible experiences.

While we have a great Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee, I do “blame” the

infection on her having been in that facility. For a guy who already had

germ issues, I cringe every time she touches anything in the doctor’s office

when we go for follow-ups.

The scariest part of C Diff infection is there are currently only two drugs

used to treat it, and one is a last-ditch solution.

Your readers should be forewarned to take great care when their kids or

elderly parents are hospitalized that everyone is extremely vigilant about

handwashing and hygiene.

Keep up the great writing – love NRO!



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