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Caddell: ‘In the Margin of Corruption’

This race is so close it’s “in the margin of corruption,” Democratic pollster Pat Caddell tells NRO. Right now, it’s impossible to predict who’s going to emerge victorious, and Caddell wouldn’t engage in prognostication. “Everything you hear is anecdotal,” he says.

But Caddell doesn’t have kind words for the Romney organization. “If Republicans lose it,” he says, “they can start by shooting their nominee’s campaign and the decision not to do Libya.” Aggressively hammering Obama on that issue, he argues, would have offset the last-minute bounce, assisted by Governor Christie, that President Obama got from Hurricane Sandy. 

If, at the moment, we know very little, “we are going to learn a lot about this election” when it’s over, says Caddell. 

With that, surely, few can disagree. 

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