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Cain Has His Biggest Fundraising Day

Yesterday was Herman Cain’s biggest campaign fundraising day, the candidate told Laura Ingraham this morning on her radio show. 

When Laura asked him about the inconsistencies in his reactions to “settlement” news, Cain responded, “Remember this happened 12 years ago.” He continued, “The word settlement suggested some kind of legal settlement.” Reflecting on it later in the day, he realized “there was an agreement. … I didn’t recall it right away.”

He confirmed that he and his campaign did know that Politico was working on a story, but “made a conscious decision to deal with this when it came out.” Cain said, “ We weren’t going to chase anonymous sources.”

“It looks like the campaign is reacting in real-time,” Laura said commenting on the interview in the following segment. “And I guess trying to find its way and its footing.”

She added: “I’m not one bit worried about Herman Cain and the idea that he would be a serial offender, sexual or otherwise, toward women.”

Asked if he makes sexual jokes in the work place, he said “unequivocally, no,” as Ingraham described it later.

About the fundraising news, Ingraham said: “What does that tell you? Don’t let the media set the message for you. He didn’t cancel anything on his schedule. He’s not a hermit. He’s not hiding behind some wall of privacy.” Clearly, she said, “People want a fighter. They see right through the media haze.”

She added: “This man is a good man. That is my gut. Woman’s intuition is what it is.”

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