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Cain on Rock: ‘I Am Not Attacking Gov. Perry’

Speaking outside Trump Tower today, Herman Cain dismissed the idea that he was trying to paint Rick Perry as a racist by having called Perry “insensitive” yesterday when asked about the “[N-word]head” rock on property Perry had leased.

“All I said was the mere fact that that word was there was ‘insensitive.’” Cain responded. “That’s not playing the race card. I am not attacking Gov. Perry. Some people in the media want to attack him. I’m done with that issue!”

The Perry campaign says that the rock was painted over years ago.

Cain asked reporters to focus on “what’s important to the American people” rather than “beat this distraction to death about a word that appeared on a rock.”

“I really don’t care about that word,” Cain added. “They painted over it. End of story! I accept Gov. Perry’s response on that.”

After meeting with Donald Trump, Cain come out and talked to the media again, saying he had “very much enjoyed” the conversation he had had with Trump. They did not discuss a possible endorsement according to Cain.

“He likes my 9-9-9 plan,” Cain said of Trump, “especially when I pointed out that in the 9-9-9 plan embedded taxes are going to be worked out on many of our goods and services. That is going to help level the playing field between the United States and countries like China, and as you know, he’s been very critical about how China is taking advantage of the United States because some of the costs of their goods.”

Asked about the relationship between his 9-9-9 plan and the deficit, Cain said the plan would generate six million more jobs, and 5 percent GDP growth — and that he would make sure budgets passed were balanced.

He also disputed news reports that he would not return to Iowa until November 19, although he said he did not know if he would visit this month or next.

 “We always had plans to visit Iowa before November 19th,” Cain said. “Iowa is a very important state.”

The Cain campaign did not immediately return a request for comment about when Cain is next scheduled to visit Iowa.

Cain talks to the press outside Trump Tower before meeting with Trump.

Cain walks out of Trump Tower after the meeting.

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