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Cain: Under 9-9-9, ‘Some People Will Pay More’

Herman Cain is sticking by “9-9-9.”

In an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press this morning, the rising presidential contender predicted that his proposal could pass, arguing that the “American people understand it” and want to “hold the feet of Congress to the fire.”

Cain urged moderator David Gregory, who pressed him about the plan’s national sales tax, to “do the math” and recognize that “people are going to benefit,” if the current federal-tax code is “thrown out.”

For example, as “sneak attacks” — Cain’s description of tax loopholes — are eliminated, he says that businesses will stop inserting “invisible taxes” into “everything we buy.”

But Cain did not refute Gregory’s main argument, that low-income Americans would pay more under a “9-9-9″ plan.

“Yes, some people will pay more,” he acknowledged, “but most people will pay less.”