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Cain’s Past Donations to Democrats

Yahoo News’ Chris Moody talks to Herman Cain about why he donated to a few Democratic candidates in the past:


All but one of Cain’s contributions to Democrats went to candidates in Nebraska, where Godfather’s Pizza, the company Cain led from 1986 to 1996, had been headquartered for more than 35 years: In 1993, Cain gave $500 to former Nebraska Gov. Bob Kerrey and $250 to New York Rep. Jose Serrano. In 1994, Cain wrote a check for $500 to former Nebraska Rep. Peter Hoagland. Two years later, he gave $500 to Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson and in 1998, he donated another $500 to Omaha newscaster Michael Scott’s campaign for Congress.

“They were business decisions and personal decisions,” Cain told The Ticket when asked about the donations to Democrats. “One was a restaurateur. One was a personal friend. All moderate Democrats.”

According to the piece, Cain has been a much more enthusiastic donor to Republican candidates and causes, spending $359,000 since 1988. Full article here.

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