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From a Louisiana political observer:

This is a mishmash of e-mails on the Jindal race. Part might be quotes directly from a news story, but which parts those are, I’m not sure:

The latest poll numbers on the race for governor are out and it shows the race is closer than ever. A new Southern Media Poll shows if the election were held today (Thursday October 23rd), Blanco would earn 43% of the vote, Jindal 41%.

“The votes right now are split down the middle and it’s a very close election. They like both candidates and it looks like this thing could go down to the wire,” said pollster Bernie Pinsonat.

With the margin of error factored in, both candidates are running about even. Plus they both enjoy very high favorability ratings. When it comes to female voters – a demographic where Blanco plans to do well – only 29% of white females are supporting Blanco, while 50% are for Jindal. Among the African American community, 73% of black females plan to vote for Blanco, whereas 11% are for Jindal.

“Jindal has cut her off from that advantage. He’s doing well with white females and males. So the female advantage isn’t showing up with whites at this time,” said Pinsonat. “Now it boils down to the one that gets their voters out will probably win this election.”

Pinsonat predicts that many voters may not be inspired to head to the polls, since there’s no one to vote against this time around. Election day is Saturday November 15th.

Also on the poll, both have high favorability. So that means that Kathleen can be reasonably good campaigner and still have a good edge in the election.

[I’m told] prominent black LA lawyers now leaning towards Jindal. “And further, the black vote that is most likely to vote is professionals and middleclass folks who are most likely to flirt with Jindal.



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