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Calif. Forced to Take Down Health-Care-Exchange Website

When the online health exchanges opened on Tuesday, they suffered a cascade of technical problems. People were often unable to enroll and had difficulty getting the websites to work at all.

That held true for Covered California, which is operated by the Golden State. As KNTV reported, the glitches proved significant enough that the entire website was taken down Tuesday night in an effort to rectify them. It came back online Wednesday morning. 

“I just spoke to Covered California leaders and they tell me that the computer glitches were so significant that they are going to shut down the entire website tonight until early tomorrow morning to fix the problems,” a local reporter said last night. “Here’s what I ran into: Several times I went onto the website and every time I was able to reach the homepage, but when you try to enroll, it does not enable you to do that.” 


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