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California Board of Education Approves Ethnic Studies Curriculum

California’s Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum, about which I’ve written here and here, was approved unanimously by the state’s Board of Education yesterday for use in K–12 public schools. A bill to make a high school ethnic-studies course a graduation requirement will now make its way through the state legislature. The bill is expected to be signed into law by Governor Newsom, who vetoed a similar measure last year on the grounds that that model curriculum had yet to be finished and approved. Now that the governor’s qualms have been addressed, the 6 million children in California’s public-school system will likely be required to undergo this 13-year program of naked indoctrination in order to get their high-school diploma. In other words, the entire rising generation in the country’s richest and most populous state will soon be learning the most outlandish radical talking points imaginable alongside the multiplication table and the alphabet. What could go wrong? 


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