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California Global-Cooling Watch

California is experiencing one of its coldest, wettest springs in memory. Yesterday, I drove through a mini-blizzard in the Sierra, with prior snow still 4–6 feet on the ground at 7,000 feet (snow levels ranged from 30 to 50 feet in many areas) — and another “winter” storm watch alert for midweek. The noon outside temperature was 28 degrees. We had more downpours throughout the weekend statewide, as 50s and 60s continue to substitute for the usual May 70s and 80s. The streams, rivers, canals, and reservoirs are full; the Westside farmers will have their irrigation contracts met and more; the environmentalists will have their white water torrents rushing into the Delta to revive the little smelt and ensure salmon runs — and still the water seems to be everywhere, as the cold, rain, and snow keep on coming through mid-May.


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