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California, here he comes

A Rudy dude writes:

I  am constantly amused by your anti-Rudy comments ( apparently you are in the tank for Romney like your friend Hugh Hewitt ). If you think Romney will carry Florida, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, and California ( a state that I know well) if Romney wins Iowa and New Hampshire, you are delusional. Such states could care less what the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire do. I would also suggest  you check the most recent polls in the early states of South Carolina and Nevada ( Rudy leads in both ).Moreover, if you think Mr. Multiple Choice Romney can win the general election, you should seek help immediately.P.S. What is your big problem with the Giuliani campaign sending volunteers to your state to walk precincts for Rudy?  OhI forgot, if this were Romney’s campaign, it would be a great move.

If you think Rudy will carry California and (against Hillary) you’re …extremely optimistic. Next year’s GOP candidate has to hold the 2000 or 2004 Bush states, or (to put it the other way) prevent Senator Clinton from flipping Ohio or Florida. Painting Rhode Island red is best left to the alternate-universe edition of Campaign ‘08.

[UPDATE: A couple of readers think the correspondent is referring in his Deanesque roll call of states not to the general election but to subsequent primaries. If so, I apologize for misunderstanding him. But I’m even more flummoxed by the logic: I can’t see why, after solid wins in IA and NH, GOP primary victories in, say, Connecticut or Rhode Island would be beyond Mitt Romney. New Hampshire isn’t exactly a “socially conservative” bastion, and Mitt did manage to get himself elected in Massachusetts.] 

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