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California Voter Controversy

Every election, each voter in California gets a little oval sticker that says “I voted” so you can explain to your boss why you’re two hours late.  Today, there are widespread reports that the stickers aren’t as sticky as usual, with more than a few complaints that the corners are coming up, or in one extreme instance, the entire sticker blew off in a mild breeze.  Accusations have been hurled by both sides, with the leading theory being that the stickers were made unsticky in order to suppress voter turnout in key districts.  The opposite theory is equally widely held by people who disagree with the first theory.  Only time will tell, or it won’t, or something other than time will tell, or also won’t.

Warren BellWarren Bell was nominated June 20, 2006, by President George W. Bush to be a member of the Board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for the remainder of a ...