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Californians Divided on Arizona Law

Via CNN:

A USC/Los Angeles Times survey released Monday indicates that 50 percent of California voters favor the Arizona measure, with 43 percent opposed and five percent unsure. Support for the law is higher in most national polls conducted over the past two months . . . 58 percent of Californians age 18 to 29 oppose the Arizona law, with people age 30-44 split. Fifty-three percent of people age 45-64 back the measure, and 57 percent of people 65 and older support the law.

Fifty-three percent of men questioned in the survey favor the law. That number drops to 47 percent for women questioned in the poll. The survey also indicates a ethnic divide, with more then seven in 10 Hispanics opposed to the law and nearly six in 10 white voters supporting the measure. Fifty-seven percent of Asian voters oppose the law, with African Americans evenly divided. Sixty-two percent of Democrats oppose the law, while 48 percent of Republicans support the measure.

A new Greenberg Quinlan Rosner/American Viewpoint poll conducted for the Los Angeles Times shows Meg Whitman, a critic of the Arizona law, leading Steve Poizner, her opponent in the state’s June 8 GOP gubernatorial primary, by 24 points, 53 percent to 29 percent. Democrat Jerry Brown, California’s attorney general and probable gubernatorial nominee, polls ahead of both Republicans, leading Poizner by 14 and Whitman by six.

Another highlight from the poll:

In the primary’s other highlight, the race for U.S. Senate, Republican Carly Fiorina has vaulted into a clear lead over her main primary opponent Tom Campbell, 38% to 23%. In third was Chuck DeVore at 16%. In March, Campbell had a narrow lead over Fiorina.

Although behind in the primary race, Campbell was the only Republican beating Democrat Barbara Boxer in a general election matchup, 45% to 38%. Boxer, a three-term incumbent whom the poll showed is vulnerable, was defeating Fiorina by 6 points and DeVore by 10.


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