The Corner

California’s Silent Minority

From a reader:

I sure am keeping quiet about voting for Bush. I teach at a Los

Angeles-area community college, and when I’m not among “my people”–friends

from church, generally–I stay silent when the topic is politics. I know

that if I were asked about my vote in a group of my professional

colleagues, I would make myself a pariah in an instant.

Because I don’t want my car keyed, the only sign on it is a home-printer

message in the rear window that reads, “Thank you, U. S. Military Past &

Present, for my Freedom.” At that, I’ve looked in my rear view mirror at

stoplights–twice now–and seen middle-aged women vigorously shaking their

fingers and heads. I pretended they had neurological disorders.

I marvel at those with the courage to put Bush/Cheney signs in their front

yards, or on their cars.