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Call 1-800-Open-Borders

A longtime correspondent who is in a position to know has informed me that posters are being placed at airport immigration booths telling foreign visitors what their rights are and providing a telephone number for foreigners who think they should have been welcomed more warmly. This is part of the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection’s Professionalism Initiative. Our immigration inspectors obviously need to comport themselves in a professional manner, but this kind of thing — the phone number especially — reinforces the impression among officers in the field that placating businesses and ethnic pressure groups is more important than keeping out the perpetrators of the next Beslan massacre. As this writer told me, “Inspectors make every effort to do the job while respecting the humanity of those they encounter at the borders, but to do the job they need to be supported and not intimidated by management.” Such intimidation contributed to 9/11, and may already have helped the next gang of plotters to enter the country.


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