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Calling Bart Stupak

Remember Congressman Bart Stupak? He of the staunch pro-life persuasion, who nonetheless gave the Obama administration an out in 2010 with his willingness to provide the final votes in the House to push Obamacare over the top? He exchanged those votes for an executive order—that from the very beginning obviously was going to be thrown in the figurative dumpster as soon as doing so proved convenient for Mr. Obama—to the effect that no taxpayer dollars or individual premiums were to be used for abortion services. In the wake of the administration’s decision to force Catholic and other institutions to cover abortifacients and other such “health” services in insurance plans, has anyone asked Mr. Stupak for his views on this? And whether he now regrets his surrender while in a position to stand for principle? Just asking.

— Benjamin Zycher is a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a senior fellow at the Pacific Research Institute.


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