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More on the George Allen phone troubles: The “Campaign Phone Lines Down” e-mail is being sent out for the second day in a row. “Phone service at Allen campaign headquarters is currently down, for reasons that remain unclear,” the message says.  It gives several cell phone numbers for reporters to contact press spokesmen.

I called them to see what was going on.  And the answer is, they don’t really know.  “Yesterday, it was something with our network,” says one Allen staffer. (The campaign’s phone company is XO.)  Apparently, the company’s entire system was down for a while yesterday, and now, it’s happened again.  “We don’t know whether it’s the same problem, or an isolated incident,” the staffer says.

Is there something fishy going on?  Staffers don’t have any reason to think so, but they’re frustrated at the unbelievably bad timing of the phone system going down on election eve and election day.  If it’s just bad luck, it’s really bad luck.