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The Calling

Time is really running out for you to sign up to join us in Atlanta on Thursday. As you might have heard, today is the last day for sign-ups.

Why join us in Atlanta? Why spend $500 in Jimmy Carter’s homeland?


** you think NR is cool and want to keep having new excuses to be reading it–your $500 goes toward supporting the whole National Review operation, including NRO.

** you want to drink Jonah under the table.

** you want to find out all the secrets we won’t share without a bribe. Admission fee covers bribe.

** panel discussions, Q&As, fine food and drink.

** quality conversation with Jonah, Rich, Kate, Ramesh, Jay, Derb, Stuttaford, & more. If you’ve been to one of our bar nights–like tonight’s in D.C.–you know the dynamic there. You bring a friend or two and maybe get in some chatting with NR-ers, if you can find them in the friendly but noisy right-wing crowd. That’s not the case with these fundraisers. We keep ‘em intimate to foster mingling and all the good things that good dinner parties/cocktail parties/afternoon salons are. You meet good people you wouldn’t have otherwise. Have some debates. You name it…. And you’ll enjoy it.

Anyway, we’re down to the wire now, please consider joining us.


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