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Calling Steve Hayward

On Thursday last, Corner contributor Steve Hayward sat himself down at the American Enterprise Institute, with, among others, NR’s own John Derbyshire and frequent NR contributor George Gilder, to discuss Darwinism. Today, I noticed during my morning cup of coffee, the New York Times provided front-page coverage of the discussion, “A Split Emerges as Conservatives Discuss Darwin.” The heart rose. Then I read the article. The heart sank. The New York Times had done it again, assuming we prefer the musings of a reporter to a straightforward account of what happened. Only after more than twenty paragraphs of ramblings about Darwinism did the reporter get around to reporting Steve’s discussion—and even then she quoted no actual arguments but only a brief exchange of flippancy—Derb averred that he had found lapsing from Anglicanism like falling from a first-floor window, whereupon George Gilder wondered aloud whether Derb had landed on his head.

So, Steve, how’d the discussion go? Who argued what? Can you provide the readers of this happy Corner with a link to a transcript? Or to some video?


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