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Calpundit On Legacy

Because the internet would go all out of whack without someone posting a link to Legacy, Calpundit has briefly taken over from Kathryn Lopez. Calpundit finds the ex-Clinton aide quotes from yesterday not damning enough (he also points out that there were really only 14 ex-aides). Bernie Nussbaum saying Clinton’s eagerness to please and weakness were a “dangerous prescription for leadership” is conveniently skipped over, while he highlights things like Lanny Davis saying that scandal politics was first pioneered by the Democrats. It’s true that this isn’t an anti-Clinton quote, but since so much of the pro-Clinton defense is based on arguing that going after a president with scandal allegations was an unprecedented act of hostility that the vast right-wing conspiracy came up with while meeting in a phone booth one day, it certainly seems relevant to the Clinton debate (Davis is one of the few Clinton defenders to come totally clean about scandal politics, and to have arrived at an intellectually consistent position on it). If you follow the Calpundit string a bit, you’ll see a comment that these quotes are “praising Clinton with faint damnation.” I have to say, that’s quite clever…


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