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Cameron Diaz, Super-Genius

From the gorgeous star who told Oprah last year that “if you think rape should be legal then don’t vote,” comes the stunning realization that we’re all the same, whether we make $20 mil a picture or are in danger of being killed by Mexican federales. She appeared at the Reebok Human Rights Awards (yes, you read that right), and read a prepared text: “Brutalized, attacked, imprisoned and tortured by the Mexican military, the Mixe found themselves without a voice,” she said. Then, according to the hilarious report from Michelle Collins of the wonderfully named You Can’t Make It Up blog, Diaz then “ad libbed, ‘I think we all know what that feels like, right guys?’ From the back of the auditorium came the response, ‘I want to do you, Cameron!’ She smiled and waved. ‘You guys are so awesome!’”

Yeah. Awesome.


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