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Cameron Is a Disgrace

In Turkey, Britain’s prime minister slandered Israel over its rightful enforcement of the blockade of Hamastan, aka, Gaza, which he outrageously accused Israel of turning into a “prison camp.”

Count me with Pete Wehner, who nails it at Contentions:

The truth Cameron cannot abide is that the responsibility for the suffering in Gaza lies not with the Israelis but with Hamas and the Palestinians. And for the Prime Minister of Great Britain not only to deny this truth but also to engage in a smear of an estimable and admirable nation like Israel — all to establish a “new partnership” between Britain and Turkey and, in the process, to win applause from Turkey’s increasingly radicalized leadership — is troubling and disappointing. Prime Minister Cameron’s approach is morally offensive and strategically foolish.

Also see: Barry Rubin, whose Pajamas column today is zingingly titled, “In Speech to Turkey, PM David Cameron Goes Full Idiot — Cameron gives a begging, blubbering pander of a speech to the Islamist goons in Turkey”; Claudia Rosett, also in Pajamas, on why Gaza is not a “prison camp”; and Scott Johnson at Powerline.

Churchill must be spinning in his grave.

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