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Cameron’s Sheriff of Nottingham Moment

Apologies for the Britposting, but the decision of the British Conservative party to position itself as a high tax party is a truly remarkable moment: 

Tory Diary wades in:

I’ve just listened to Radio 4′s World at One (Wato) and heard George Osborne’s emphatic insistence that the Conservative Party will promise no unfunded tax cuts at the next General Election.  That concession amounts to a huge ideological victory for the political left.  The Conservative Party’s Treasury spokesman has effectively abandoned any attempt to persuade voters of the dynamic or supply side benefits of lowering taxation.  The promised reductions in business and family taxation will all be paid for by higher green taxation.  Environmental economist Professor Stephen Smith told ‘Wato’ that it is unlikely that green taxation will yield much more than £2bn to £4bn in extra revenue without becoming very regressive.  That leaves little room for any significant reductions in the tax burden on pressurised families.The real question on tax is not whether we can afford to cut taxes (we can given the waste in the public sector, the supply side benefits of lower taxation and the possibilities for reducing the demand for government but whether we can afford not to match competitor nations’ lower tax regimes…

I suppose that, on the basis that anything is better than Labour, there is still some reason to vote for the Conservatives. I suppose. I guess. If I must. Good grief.


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