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Cameron’s speech

I missed John McCain’s speech because of the aforementioned delays, but am finally through.  Iain Dale and ConservativeHome are blogging away.  This is a liveblog of his speech.

Cameron has started off with some very effective self-deprecating humor.

Cameras are concentrating on “Tory totty.”

Serious flattery of John McCain – says he would be proud to see such a great friend of Britain as leader of the free world.

Lots of very effective mockery of Labour infighting.

Talks about the need for a clear purpose.  Hmmm.  Yes.  Go on.

Points out Labour’s lack of one.  Good points.

Here’s the meat – setting the stage for the conference debates.  Prepare the ground, lay the foundations and then build the house brick by brick.  The Tories have always won on the soild center ground – praise for Mrs T in doing that.  Wants safer streets, schools that teach, better quality of life.  Tories have talked about different things from the center ground in recent years.  He has a point.

Now is the time to lay the foundations.  Social responsibility is the idea to explain this week.  Fighting crime is not just a state responsibility but a social one.  Parents need to instil values in children, schools need to be disciplined, an end to selling alcohol to children, make violent music socially unacceptable.  Also need to actively promote good things.  This is all very sound stuff.

Blair has been a story of ignorance, arrogance and incompetence.  Can’t argue with him there.

Pretty darn good so far.  More to follow.

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