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Campaign Biographies

One of the realities of running for president these days is you get to see all parts of your life in print.  When I was in Chicago a while back to do a story on Barack Obama’s time there as a community organizer, one source was a little reluctant to speak because he had talked to another reporter recently who seemed to want to know mostly about Obama’s girlfriends.  I said I really was doing a piece on community organizing, and we ended up talking.  I don’t know who the reporter was who was interested in the girlfriend angle, but if there was a story produced, I’m not aware of it.  But I’m sure we’ll see some detailed biographical stuff on all aspects of Obama’s life, because when you think about it, most of what we know about his life is what he has told us.  We certainly need more independent reporting, especially since we’re getting detailed — and admittedly quite interesting — accounts of things like John McCain’s divorce.


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