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Campaigning on Fear

Remember how the worst thing George W. Bush and Karl Rove did was “practice the politics of fear”? Remember how Al Gore (one of the most accomplished fearmongers in modern political history, at least on the topic of global warming) insisted that Bush was using “fear as a political tool”? Well, say what you will about that, at least Bush said we should be afraid of actual terrorists who had a proven ability and desire to kill Americans. The Democratic party is now using fear as a political tool, but they say you should be afraid of fellow Americans and are perfectly willing to insinuate they’re terrorists, too. Here’s a fundraising appeal I just got from Barney Frank:



Jonah –

Last week, a right-wing barrage of scare-mongering, distortion and outright lies, with a little bigotry thrown in, failed to keep Democrats from passing health care reform.

Despite these tactics of misinformation and intimidation, Democrats voted to pass the most important health care legislation since Congress passed Medicare in 1965.

Republicans, including their Tea Party wing, have vowed that individual Democrats will pay for passing health care reform. And that is why we must now stand up and support members who did the right thing.

Contribute tonight before midnight and a group of committed Democrats will match your gift two dollars for every one dollar you give before midnight!

Sarah Palin, never one to resist inflammatory rhetoric, recently “tweeted” her right-wing supporters, saying “Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD!”

In the past several elections, we have learned that it’s a great mistake, both morally and politically, to let lies go unrebutted, and bullies go unchallenged. You must fight them – and elect others who will do the same.

This is your chance to help. Please support the DCCC and Democratic House candidates so we have the voices we need to defeat these tactics and the votes we need to win.

Thank you.

Barney Frank

United States Congressman

P.S. If you contribute today before Midnight, a group of committed Democrats will match your gift two dollars for every dollar you give.


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