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Can Anything Explain Linda Hirshman?

Linda Hirshman, the woman who wrote Get to Work, a book that argued that women who choose to leave the workplace for childrearing are traitors to feminism (Carrie Lukas reviewed it for NRO), is at it again.  In a TNR piece today, she hilariously attempts to use a handful of quotes from “mommyblogs”—the online diaries of rich, mostly urban mothers—to prove that… Marx was right after all!  Well gee, it all makes sense now. Capitalism, as well all know, has failed miserably, but communism, on the other hand, has provided wealth, longevity, and opportunity to the masses.  And if you needed any more evidence, just look at all those educated, well-off moms pushing thousand dollar strollers through the park and sitting at cafes with their laptops tapping out mommyblog entries. Why didn’t I think of this before?

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