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Can Bachmann Make a Comeback in Iowa?

Michele Bachmann is down to averaging fifth place in the Iowa polls, and her campaign is clearly low on funds. But don’t write off the Minnesota congresswoman yet. Watching her campaign in Iowa, I was impressed by ability to deliver an energizing stump speech and connect with voters in retail politics. From my homepage piece today:


“In 2012, we need one very tough hombre or hombrette to take on Barack Obama,” Bachmann says, before referencing Margaret Thatcher. “Why is it that the Left always get their agenda and we don’t?” she asks later on in her speech. “It’s because we don’t fight. . . . You know who doesn’t fight? Republicans don’t fight. It is time that we take the gloves off.” …


“As Herman Cain has now faced some problems, we’ll see if the support shifts back again [to Bachmann],” remarks Kathy Lewis, who owns a farm with her husband in Adel. Lewis says that Cain “stood out” to her when she was first getting to know the candidates but that “as the debates and everything have gone on,” she has come to appreciate Bachmann’s “passion” and “conservative views.”

She’s also drawn to Bachmann’s consistency. “I had just heard that the Republicans are backing down on the [Obamacare] repeal, saying well, there’s parts of it we like. And no, I don’t want compromise. I want it gone,” Lewis says, noting she anticipates voting for Bachmann in the caucuses.

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