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Can Donald Duck Live, If He Submits?

Calling Mark Steyn:

Muslims: We must kill Mickey Mouse

A prominent Saudi Islamic cleric has issued a fatwa, or religious edict, against Mickey Mouse, whom he characterized as an agent of Satan sent to corrupt young minds.

Sheikh Mohammed Al-Munajid told Saudi Arabia’s Al-Majd Television that his beef with Mickey is that he is a mouse, a creature that Islam sees as “repulsive and corrupting.”

Al-Munajid explained that Islamic law refers to the mouse as “little corrupter” and a creature that is “steered by Satan,” and grants permission to all Muslims to “kill [mice] in all cases.”

Therefore, according to Islamic law, insisted the sheikh, “Mickey Mouse should be killed.”

Last year the Palestinian Islamic group Hamas tried to redeem Mickey by recreating his likeness on a popular children’s television program designed to teach Arab children to hate and seek the violent demise of Jews.

The Mickey look-a-like named Farfur was eventually “martyred” by an actor playing an Israeli security agent.


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