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Can He Blow a Three-Stroke Lead in a Skirt?

French golfer Jean Van de Velde, heretofore known as one of the

biggest chokers in history, having squandered a three-stroke lead on

the last hole of the 1999 British Open, now wants to enter next

Women’s British Open. Another Renee Richards? No — a protest

against women being allowed to qualify for the 2006 British Open.

From this AP report:

“My whole point is where do we draw the line?” Van de Velde asked

after shooting a 7-over-par 78 Thursday in the first round of the

Volvo Masters. “If we accept that women can enter our tournaments,

then it applies that men can play with women.”

Wow, a cheesy French accent, a stunning grasp of illogic, and a

7-over-par opening round. Sounds another great day for Jean! Here’s

a challenge: Van De Velde vs. women’s teenage phenom Michelle Wie, any

course, any day. I got 10G for charity on Michelle.

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