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Can He Do Arizona Next?

HERAT PROVINCE, Afghanistan, May 12, 2005 – Changes are taking place on the

borders of Afghanistan, and one man is leading the way.

Afghan Col. Safe Aube, commander of the Transitional Afghan Border Security

Force, and 229 border-security volunteers from across the country are

replacing the existing border police forces in Islam Quala, on Afghanistan’s

border with Iran in Herat province.

“The mission is to replace the existing border police with my men so that

those men can be retrained to enforce the rule of law,” said Aube. “Once the

men are trained, they will return, and we will then move on to the next

border site and do the same thing.”

This pilot program is planned for 13 other border locations around the

country. The hope is to put an end to corruption and increase revenue

through proper taxes instituted at the borders.


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