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Can I Ask a Serious Question?

I engaged in a little exercise on Twitter earlier. I tweeted “President Rick Santorum.” Just to egg on a reaction. Because that’s not a crazy thought right now, is it?

So, honest question: What does it mean when someone says: “Rick Santorum is not presidential” in response? That he does not have Secret Service protection? That he could not play himself in a movie?

It’s a serious question for this reason: There have been a lot of conversation-stopping objections folks have made to Rick Santorum. He lost his last race big time. I get that. But now that people have done some voting, we see that people actually will vote for the guy because they like what they hear from him, because they like what he stands for, because they believe he has experience that will help him be an effective president.

I appreciate he does not have executive experience, but he would bring to the White House a knowledge of Washington and how to get things done there that few other presidents walk into office with. And, have you listened to him on the campaign trail? He gets the urgency.

It may just be that Rick Santorum is, in fact, the most electable, most conservative candidate in the race for the Republican nomination. A candidate who offers a forward-looking message with a confidence in some Founding principles that have been known to expedite both freedom and flourishing.

What do you think? 


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