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Can I Just Point Out?

The Corner has been hopping lately–nuts at times, in part because I’ve been on a Mother Hen hiatus and encouraging distractions instead of sqwelching them with my iron fist. If we’re this interesting online (something is making you keep coming back), imagine what the gang must be like in person. There’s only one way to find out. (And yes, I know these are lame, but we really want to see ya!)

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The Inquisitor Has No Clothes

This is a column about impeachment, but first, a confession: I think I might be guilty of insider trading. At this point, I would like to assure my dear friends at the SEC that I do not mean this in any actionable legal sense, but only in principle. Some time ago, I was considering making an investment in a ... Read More

The Present American Revolution

The revolution of 1776 sought to turn a colony of Great Britain into a new independent republic based on constitutionally protected freedom. It succeeded with the creation of the United States. The failed revolution of 1861, by a slave-owning South declaring its independence from the Union, sought to bifurcate ... Read More