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Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Based on my e-mail, many folks are still quite (understandably) sour this morning at the president and think I’m being way too easy on him here.

E-mails sound like this:

i understand the reason for your article and the hope that all the time, energy and defense of this president have not gone to waste, but they have and we need to accept that. he’s not focused on what this country needs or what the conservatives want, and i, for one, am angry and disappointed and sadly enough, hurt, about all of it. i am over defending him.

and this:

No. Sale. Are you really saying that the ‘wife’ (conservative base) should should stay with a guy (Bush) who occasionally brings roses, but regularly spends 3 nights out of 5 ignoring her; constantly flirts with other women; and every 18 months, gets caught in bed naked with some tart? And who, when caught, tries to convince said wife that 1) he’s a victim of her misinterpretation, and/or 2) she’s crazy?… Don’t ask us to be that girl. 

and this:

Kathryn, if you have an entree to the inner Bush circle then advise him of this:  Recent terror plots demonstrate that Horror is just around the corner.  There may come another moment when he will need our support, desperately!  Please, no more stupidity like Immigration “Reform”.  We have a war on.  He needs to focus his attentions on that.  If he is successful, he will not have to worry about his legacy.  If he fails, nothing else will matter.