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Can McCain do it again?

Two new polls in Michigan, both show Rudy falling off the map. But that may not be the most interesting finding. I’m still looking for the actual results, but The Marketing Resource Group’s poll (caution: very small sample size) is referred to in this blog at the Detroit News:

Among likely Republican voters, the survey found Huckabee (22 percent) and Mitt Romney (21 percent) essentially tied, with McCain third at 14 percent.  

But remember: only Hillary Clinton and Mike Gravel will appear on the Democratic ballot there, due to the party sanctions. So what happens if Democratic and Independent voters request Republican ballots? The race suddenly becomes very different: 

But when Democrats and independents who say they might vote in the Republican race were included, McCain was at 21 percent, with Romney at 18 percent and Huckabee at 16 percent. In both cases, Giuliani, who has been ahead in most polling in recent months, trailed significantly.


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