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Can McCain Still Pull This Off?

More ABCNews:

“The reality is, as it’s been for many, many months is that the [Republican] candidates all have weaknesses and at the end of the day John McCain is hoping that Republican voters take a deep breath, reassess the candidate and say it’s not about a specific position on immigration or campaign finance reform, it’s about strength and leadership and toughness in standing up in the war against terror,” said Stuart Rothenberg of the Rothenberg Political Report.

“If that’s how Republicans decide, they may come back to him and decide ‘Well, I rejected him six months ago, but he looks like the best of the lot now.’”

It will not be easy for McCain to pull off, but there are scenarios — for McCain a “perfect storm” of events breaking his way, according to some pundits — in which he could still wrest the GOP nomination away from his rivals.


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